Monday, July 14, 2008

The Big News Is Finally Here

Dynamite Kablammo's fifth show, "You Will Most Likely Die" is almost here! We open in a little over two weeks and we're very very excited to introduce our newest member, Meredith Rensa!

"You Will Most Likely Die"
July 29th - September 2nd
Tuesdays @ 8:30pm
4850 Lankershim Blvd.
NoHo, 91601


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Exciting DK News Coming Soon

Matt and Greg have begun the preliminary workings for the new show (DKV), there's been some talk of some more shorts, maybe an audio CD, and there's a very exciting announcement shortly on the horizon... keep your eyes peeled.

Happy May Day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We're Huge In Fresno!

Dynamite Kablammo had a rather... er... dynamite week in Fresno! Between February 29th and March 8th, the 8th annual Rogue Festival ran up there and DK was honored to be a part of it. We put up 6 shows, all our Best Of we ran over Thanksgiving, plus some new ones from "Are You Delicious?"... and we sold out almost every single show.

We had a great time, met some amazing people, and we're hoping to go back -- maybe get a show up at the Tower Theater! Oh yeah!

In the coming weeks, Matty and G will start working hard at DK5, whatever it will end up being called.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

City Beat Begrudgingly Likes Us Too!

City Beat's reviewer, who apparently is fairly influential and tough to impress, had this little nugget to say about our new show, "Are You Delicious?"

"Director Greg Kaczynski, Dane Biren, Matt DeNoto, and Dana DeRuyck of the group Dynamite Kablammo perform a brisk hour of imaginative sketch comedy, with several repeating motifs and a finale that combines something from most of the previous sketches. It’s clever and amusing, if not quite Groundlings-level hilarious."

"Not quite Groundlings level hilarious"? We'll take it all the same.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Backstage West Adds To The DK Love-Fest

Another day, another amazing review. Wenzel Jones of Backstage West hit the DK with another incredibly positive, gracious review. You cannot miss this show, it's a Critic's Pick after all!

"Here's a delightful find, a collection of funny writer-performers who know when to put down their pens. This personable quartet of Dane Biren, Matt DeNoto, Dana DeRuyck, and Greg Kaczynski, operating under the moniker Dynamite Kablammo, skillfully packs just under an hour with almost 20 sketches and never once hits a note that's false or strained. Most important, the audience never finds itself trapped with a sketch that drags on long past its welcome. If, perhaps, the payoff of a piece is an embarrassingly bad pun, it's not a problem, and you've only invested about 12 seconds anyway. Kaczynski is to be commended for the crisp direction.

DeRuyck nicely holds her own against the three guys, essaying roles as diverse as a laundry room she-minx with a volatile temper in addition to a braces-wearing, laterally lisping scion of a retiring pirate, a child whose greatest wish is to be known on the Spanish Main as Captain Spazzbeard. Biren is a compact cutie whose characterization of God as a resort wastrel makes a marvelous callback joke. There is chemistry to spare among this group, and it's appealingly displayed during a sketch in which DeNoto and Kaczynski portray perhaps the stupidest kidnappers currently on a local stage, whose willingness to play Truth or Dare with their captive (they lose) is rather appealing in its utter guilelessness. The writing is tight and bright, and even the long-form pieces, such as the one in which the hornbook rule "You lick it, you own it" expands from property to people to real estate, keep building to a satisfying finish and then, blessedly, finish. It would be easy for this clever troupe's members to preen and flourish, but it's a temptation they resist. Even the rather well-trod territory of God expanding the original Ten Commandments is treated in a manner both whimsical (a commandment about birthday candle-extinguishing and wishes) and observational (just to mess with them, let's have men uncover their heads, and women cover theirs, in church!).

If bad experiences with sketch comedy have put you off the form, this is your opportunity to reconsider. You might find it delicious."

Please please please come out and help us continue our roll!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

LA Weekly Approves!

LA Weekly reviewer Sophia Kercher wants you to GO see Dynamite Kablammo's, "Are You Delicious?" This sexy positive review came out online today and will presumably be in print come Thursday. Hooray!

"GO ARE YOU DELICIOUS? The comedy troupe Dynamite Kablammo serves up wit and talent in a performance that opens on a note of horror. The protagonist (actor/director Greg Kaczynski) in an Edgar Allan Poe-like episode attempts to seal up his companion (Dane Biren) behind a layer of bricks; a moment later, said companion pops up out of a surprise window announcing his discovery of a nightclub — bump-'n'-grind music blasts, drunk horny girls call out to him. The series of sketches that follows continues to surprise. The troupe rattles the audience with tummy-shaking humor: A swashbuckling pirate asserts, "A fish fucked a rock and that's how turtles came to be"; a comedian (Dana DeRuyck) hires an "insecurity" guard to remind her of her shortcomings so she can use the material; things get a little hairy, literally, when a girl (DeRuyck) starts taking hormones and her boyfriend (Matt DeNoto) has to deal. There's even an unforgettable, perverse love ballad about divorce. A number of scenes inevitably dip into sitcom land, but with such a delectable array of fast-moving sketches, the show remains savory. Among the fine cast, standouts Biren, DeNoto and DeRuyck prove to be the kind of folks you want to be your b.f.f., to sit on your couch and make you laugh. Kaczynski's dynamic directing provides swift pacing, and sound/tech maestro Adam Neubauer puts the "ammo" in Dynamite Kablammo."

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Are You Delicious?" Opens!

Tonight, Dynamite Kablammo's new show spectacular, "Are You Delicious?" opened to a lovely, receptive crowd at the ZJU -- in the crowd was reviewers from BackstageWest and LA Weekly -- hopefully the reviews will come out good.

The show went fabulously and our 11th hour final sketch, "The Drug" went off not only without a hitch, but garnered many laughs as well.

Please come out and see our latest, greatest creation: "Are You Delicious?"

Zombie Joe's Underground
4850 Lankershim Blvd.
NoHo, 91601

8:30pm, TUESDAY NIGHTS (through 2/19), $12

818.202.4120 for reservations.